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The I-Motion Expert-T III controller, is a state-of-the-art  show controller for  drives of large and complex projects.  Developed for applications with up to 240 drives, it allows the control and supervision of any application, with DGUV V 54 (BGV D8), D8 Plus and DGUV V 17 (BGV C1) and various other drives at fixed or variable speeds.  It is even possible to integrate already existing drives and other stage machinery.

The I-Motion Expert-T III system in combination with the V-Motion Power Controllers is a complete solution for the touring and studio sectors, theatre complexes for scenic kinetic applications, special events and trade fairs.

Main features

  • 24“ high-resolution/-brightness outdoor display (daylight capable)  PCAP outdoor multi-touch panel (scratchproof, temperature and moisture resistant)
  • intuitive operation, 89 hot keys, trackball, 3D navigator, 2 joysticks, 5 CUE buttons
  • user hierarchy implemented by means of user ID chip card or password
  • supervision and display of the operating states of the hoists/drives.
  • Stop Categories 0 and 1
  • dual-channel drive processor in accordance with SIL 3
  • internal UPS ( 10 minutes) with line filter
  • much much more

Compliant with

BGV D8 and C1, as well as igvw SQ P2 D8 Plus and EN 61508 SIL 1 to SIL 3